The Little Things: March 2008

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Happy Easter

It's finally Easter! I love this time of year – I love the primroses and daffs, I love egg rolling, I love the evenings getting lighter, but what I love most are birthday parties in the garden and with Easter comes the promise of better weather. My youngest daughter was an Easter baby, delivered on Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny hasn't brought me such a special present since but every year we have an egg hunt in the garden and you never know! Happy Easter.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Fabulous Fabric

Now that we've been introduced I can't wait to get on and show you all the new things that are coming to The Little Things. Just look at this fabulous fabric that I've been sent from America. I just love it! I've already turned half of it into the sweetest little party bags with a retro feel. As soon as I get the chance I'll post a picture. 

In fact I love this fabric so much that I'm tempted to keep the rest for myself. I just love looking at it all beautifully folded. In fact I love it so much I took a photo!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Here we go!

Hello, I can't believe The Little Things finally has a blog! I've never done this sort of thing before but I'm going to give it a go . . . 

So where do I start? Well, I suppose I should firstly write a little bit about The Little Things. I started the company last year, selling party bags online. The Little Things was created to meet a demand for pretty bags filled with quality gifts that children like to keep - we don't sell sweets or cheap plastic toys and there's not a TV character in sight. 
As a mum of two I was fed up of going to parties where the contents of the party bag would be thrown about the back of the car on the way home. It made me question the whole approach to children's parties. Where was the value for money? And what was the cost to the environment? And so The Little Things was born.