The Little Things: Long live magazines

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Long live magazines

Photos courtesy: Sweet Paul
I used to work on magazines and so they've always been a part of my world but I've recently found them increasingly dull. In fact, since I've discovered blogging I've hardly bought one. I love reading blogs but the trouble is, sitting in bed squinting at my iPhone isn't such a nice experience as flicking through a shiny new glossy. That was until my shiny new iPad arrived! (Spoilt, I know.) Now I read blog after blog every night before bed but I have also rediscovered magazines - digital ones of course. They're fab - and free! If you can recommend some good reads then please do. In the meantime here's one I stumbled across - can't wait for the next issue. This is the spring issue of Sweet Paul - full of great recipes, crafts, kids' party tips and much more. I'll share some more great reads in future posts.


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

I hope this doesn't mean the end of magazines... I like having them all piled up and being able to pull them out every once in a while for some inspiration. I do know what you mean about blogs though, I guess it's the more personal touch? Love from London x

conversationpieces said...

I'm the same with magazines – I buy so much less now that I read blogs. and sometimes when I do buy them I discover that I've already read about the stuff on blogs anyway! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lonny Mag
is my most recent discovery